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Venus is a sexy shemale babe with big round boobs who loves dominating her handsome slaves. In these porn movies you can watch her dominating a horny guy and playing BDSM games with him . At first she makes him suck her shemale cock and she takes pictures of him while he us blowing her rocky cock.An then she drills him in a doggy style in the medical office..

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Bianca Blake is a sexy shemale slut makes her debut on TsSeduction. Best of all she loves playing dirty bdsm games and makes her obedient slaves feel miserable and weak. In these movs this busty shemale mistress with a big cock forces her slave to suck a cock when he is tied up and then drills his virgin ass on the floor. At first he tried to do something against it but later understood that he can not move any part of his body and let this shemale bang him.

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Look at this shemale mistress who dominates her slave in these bdsm videos. She is so brutal when she wraps him up in plastic and leaves him without any oxygen so he can hardly breathe and when he is free she beats him so hard that his butt becomes extremely red and then she covers his face with her sticky sperm.

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This is Yasmin Lee, a busty shemale mistress who loves having bdsm sex best of all in her life. She loves dominating male slaves and teach these inexperienced guys how to behave. When they do not understand the rules of her bdsm games she punishes them and they understand that she is the shemale mistress who can make any guy feel the dirty slut and it’s better to obey her orders.

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shemale mistress Tyra Scott is back by popular demand. She takes us on a passionate journey full of pain and pleasure. With loads of cock blowing, lots of corporal punishment and some very hot anal fucking.

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After getting a little drunk at the office Christmas party, Nathan thinks that he is in for the night of his life. All evening the sexy 18 y.o that she just hired have been throwing themselves at him, and sneaking her hands down to touch his junk when the boss isn’t looking. Well, after everyone left for the night, she begin making out with him, and that is when he makes the discovery. These lady had cock, and he were rock hard. He was drunk though, and needed to get his nut, he played along. Soon though, it was some hardcore shemale domination that he would be experiencing, as the tight ropes came out, his straight guy mouth was filled with eight inches of rock hard tranny meat. It’s shemale domination at it’s most hardcore!

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After a long hot swingers party at the castle Natassia Dreams is cleaning the place up. One of our VIP guests Wolf Hidson, comes back looking for his new wedding ring which he seems to have conviently lost. While searching for the ring he can’t keep his eyes off our maid and starts hitting her. Ever persistant, she finally gives in to Wolf and bends over the sofa presenting her beautiful round ass. Its not until after he fucked her in the ass he realises shes actually a shemale and doesn’t always like to be dominated. The tables turn, Wolf’s on the floor getting fucked in the ass and mouth and slapped about by a dominating shemale. He comes out completely satisfied but with a confused look on his face.

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It’s late at night and Tristan has been following two girls through the streets kissing and getting horny. He takes some photos in the dark thinking hes the only one there. The cops bust him for take pics, instead of taking him to the station, Tristan is hauled inside and the girls are allowed to dish out his punishment.
Cherry and Natassia Dream are completely unforgiving, Tristan must pay for what he has done and they are going to make sure of it. His stripped naked, his cock is ravaged and hes forced to suck shemale cock. Bound and helpless the girls take turns in beating him and fucking his ass and mouth.

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There was suppose to be a plot to this porn shoot – sexy Yasmin seduces Lucas while the cameras spy on them through the window. But as soon as Yasmin saw sexy Lucas she jumps on him and gets her cock out almost straight away. Within seconds both of them are naked and suck each others cocks. Yasmin dominates him, forcing Lucas to sock her cock, kiss her all over and kiss her feet. Hes makes the perfect fuck toy for her.

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While after a wedding ceremony TS Foxxy lures a slightly drunk Zane into a private room at the back. The two have been giving each other the eye all night and TS Foxxy is keen to reveal everything to Zane who doesn’t think there could be anything more hidden at this party. Foxxy gives Zane a blowjob, they both get so hot and horny that they go back to Foxxy’s house for some kinky sex. She ties him to the bed, pulls his cock out and then to his surprised whips out her dick and shoves it into his mouth. After some struggling, Zane gives in and sucks shemale dick. Hes so surprised and excited when Foxxy is fucking him in the ass he cums twice on himself. She slaps him and finishes by cumming on his balls.

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